Silicon Valley Real Ventures builds custom homes for the most demanding clients in the Valley. Find out why we are the best partner to help you build your dream home in this challenging environment.

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We take great care to ensure that our clients understand how their dreams can fit into the diverse physical environment of the Bay Area



We help our clients navigate the complexity of regulations, specifications, trades and schedules.


Breaking Ground

We have built on bluff toes at the beach and on top of cliffs overlooking creeks. Uniquely beautiful sites demand uniquely challenging foundations, and SVRV is equipped to dig and drill with the best.



The expansive glass openings and dramatic cantilevered planes sought after in modern designs, as well as the exacting environmental standards require special skill to bring to life. 


HAnding Over

Our favorite moment in the life of every project is when our crews move out and our clients move in, turning the building site into a home.